When can I play pickleball on the Gold Coast

Our sessions currently are determined by demand and weather. Go to our Facebook page here to see our latest sessions. When the temperature on court lowers and we have four courts instead of three, we will be more flexible with our times.

I have never played pickleball or any racquet sport

You and the majority of Australians will have never played pickleball before! We ask that you go to our videos page and watch some of the carefully selected videos to help you understand the sport before your first session.

We are very patient and will teach you how to play pickleball. Don’t worry, everyone playing with us was in exactly same position, us included!

I don’t have a pickleball paddle

Not a problem. We supply quality paddles for you to use free of charge. Our paddles are Engage brand and the model is Trident. These paddles are not the usual beginner paddles other centres use. Our pickleball paddles will help you hit harder so you will learn how to better control the ball. With cheap paddles you have to work harder in windy conditions which can cause strain on your body and possible injuries. This is something to consider when you buy your first paddle.


  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Weight: 7.6 – 8.1 oz
  • Height: 15.5”
  • Width: 8.13”
  • Grip Length: 4.25”
  • GripTek™ Technology
  • Core: Specialized Polymer ‘Control Pro 3’ core (with vibration dampening)
  • Face: ‘Proprietary’ 5-layer GripTEK Composite Skin

Where can I buy a pickleball paddle?

Paddles and pickleball balls are only sold online and paddles range in quality and of course price. We recommend trying before you buy any of the more expensive paddles. We can arrange for demos for you to try during a session. Google pickleball paddles to buy to see all your options.

I have played competitive tennis….

Then you will easily be able to play pickleball. Same goes for badminton and squash players. Everyone on court will help you with the rules. It is important for squash players to understand the serve in pickleball must be from a down and up motion, not sideways or it is a fault. We will teach you how to serve legally. PLEASE remember, you are playing pickleball not any other racquet sport. It has its’ own unique tactics and strategies. Trying to play a tennis game just does not work!

Where can I read the pickleball rules?

We have a summary of the rules here. The full rule book can be found here.