What is Pickleball?

I found this youtube video below which explains the basics to help you and your family understand the sport of pickleball. The game changes to suit the level of the players – dinkers, bangers, slicers. From beginner 1.0 to advanced 5.0 professional players, pickleball is a sport for anyone even with limited skill or ability.

Pickleball is a sport played on a court the same size to badminton (half of a tennis court) using a small solid paddle and a plastic ball with holes. The net is low, serve is underhand and games are usually played to 11 as doubles. Because of this, it is ideal for people not able to play more advanced racquet sports such as tennis, badminton and squash. It is a perfect sport for all ages and a great game for families to play together.


It is NOT just a game for ‘old people’!

When you start playing you will soon realise it can be fast paced with lots of skill required or a hit and giggle depending on the level of players on the court. If you do think it is just for old people, boy you are in for a shock!

Pickleball is very addictive, a lot of fun and very social. You only need to play once and you will be hooked. It is a brilliant way to make your mind and body more active.

The game was created in 1965 in the U.S.A and today over 3 million Americans play. There are currently over 6,000 places in the U.S.A to play. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.A. It is common for facilities to have 20 dedicated courts.

UPDATE JULY 2021: Pickleball is currently played in 58 countries. France, Spain and Italy recently held national championships. The sport is not only for athletic players competing in professional tournaments in the U.S.A, it is perfect for people to compete with disabilities.

View more helpful videos here


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